Courses Offered

Please Note: all group classes are currently on hold due to COVID-19.

h016Tunes for Tots (ages 2 and 3 years old) is a wonderful introduction to musical learning. Each child joins their caregiver in a 40 minute creative and social environment of musical interaction, rhythm instruments, singing, movement and play to develop preschool skills, speech and vocal development and musical awareness. Caregivers guide the learning in class and then continue developing these techniques at home.

Music Wonderland (ages 3 and 4 years old) is a fun, keyboard oriented program designed to give students a happy, musical start to piano lessons. In this 45 minute weekly group class, students, along with their parents, interact with each other and their classmates to learn piano hand position, independent finger movement, singing on pitch and gain the ability to copy simply melodies and simple rhythms. All songs are designed specifically to engage this age and teach the basic music skills in a fun and motivating atmosphere

Junior Music Course (ages 4-6 years old) is a fast-paced 60 minute weekly group piano course. In this program parents and students learn to read notes and rhythm, listen to music constructively, play as part of an ensemble and sing on pitch. By the end of the first year, students have developed good basic rhythm and singing pitch sense and are playing hands together in 2 Major keys with 4 different chords. An instrument at home and parent supervision for home practice is a must for this course.

Choir (ages kindergarten and up) is a class designed to help the very young singer. This fun and creative class works on good vocal technique for the beginning singer. Students will use exercises and warm-ups, harmony singing, canon and partner songs to build confidence in their own vocal instrument.

Private lessons Piano and Voice (ages 6 and up) The staff will work with you and your child to find a positive curriculum that is designed to help your student achieve their music goals in a fun and motivating way.